5 Reasons to Join a Country Club

Are you a member of a country club? Many people are proud members and if you aren’t amongst those people, it is time to make changes. There are tons of reasons any golf enthusiast should join woodside country club sooner rather than later. Five of those reasons are found below.

1- Make New Friends

Who couldn’t use a new friend or two? The more the merrier, right? When you’re a member of the country club, it is easy to make new friends who share similar interests as your own.

2- Golf Access

Golf on the greens is always time well-spent when you’re enjoying your days with those new found friends. There is always access to dozens of great courses and excitement behind every day when you’re a member.

3- Activities

Golf is always the activity of choice for many people. But, you cannot spend your entire life on the greens. Luckily, there are many activities available that provide the entertainment that you want when you’re not golfing. Whether it is lavish banquet dinners or arts and crafts, there is always fun at the country club.

4- Lavish Life

As a member of the country club, you enjoy an upscale life with amazing amenities and become a pillar of the community.  You are a part of an exclusive club that isn’t available to the general public and it feels good to be part of this special team.

5- Food

woodside country club

The expensive, delicious food is yet another reason the time has come to make yourself a part of the fun. Whether it is steak and lobster or a cocktail event, the food and drink enjoyed by those who are a part of the private country club is fun.  Why miss out on experiencing some of the most delicious food you’ll ever taste?