Top Three Reasons to Do More Squats

When creating an exercise routine, it is important to include all types of exercises. While some workouts may not be as fun as you want, it is important to have diversity in the exercises you are doing over the course of a week. And one exercise that you cannot discount is the squat.

Building Muscles Everywhere

The major reason why squats are part of every significant workout is because they help your body build muscles everywhere. Squats will boost your quads, hamstrings and calves. Everyone knows about that. But what many do not realize is that squatting often will trigger more testosterone to go through your body. That helps you build more muscle with your other workouts.

Real Life Exercise

The beauty of squats is that you are engaging in motion that you will use in your real life activities. If you have an active job, you will be appreciating how much fitter you feel in your legs. But even if you work a sedentary job, having better quads, thighs and hamstrings will help you with things like going up the stairs.

Burning Fat

Provided you are using the right squat technique, and you can read more about that at smartsquat, you will be burning fat at increasing rates. Squats help you gain muscle. Each pound of muscle is going to deliver an extra 70 calories burned per day – without you needing to do anything different.


We can understand that squats are not the most fun exercise. You would rather lift weights and work on your curls. But you cannot work your arms and chest each day. You need a legs day as part of your workout. And the squat is the best exercise that you can do for your legs. It is going to help you become fitter, leaner and more muscular.